New 30KW Perpetual Power Generator – Free Energy Forever 100% REAL!?

Perpetual Power Generator

The magnetic motor is based, like the name says, on the attraction and repulsion forces of magnets. Magnets provide proper shielding or shifting of forces, and the correct arrangement should enable a self-sustained circular motion without the need for external energy. Depending on the design, there are different descriptions of how exactly that system should work. The most prominent approach is to arrange magnets in a V shape and use a roller that moves in a stator. In principle, this idea is not entirely wrong, as in fact you can completely accelerate a metal roller with a magnet without any intervention. That is not a trick, anyone can do it at home with magnets. So now, build a really long V and move the roller as long as possible. But every V has an end at some point. This is the problem that this idea tries to solve by wrapping the V around a roller or several rollers. After going through one V, the roller will be activated by the next one, and so on, until it comes back to the first one. In theory, this should create a perpetual motion.

Credit to : Future Galaxy