Save $500/Day when you DIY Batteries!!!

Made my own DIY Battery

I made my own DIY battery and it saved me over $500 compared to the big brands. I wanted a 12 volt, LFP (lithium Iron Phosphate, LiFePO4) battery. There are several brands to choose from such as Battle Born, KiloVault, Victron, Renogy, and more. They are built solid and if you have the money to buy one, they are worth it. Seriously.

Battle Born Battery: This is a high-quality manufacturer. If you don’t have the time, tools, or desire to build a battery yourself, then check out Battle Born. Use coupon code “DAVIDPOZ” for free shipping.… This is an affiliate link.

But, if you want more fun and the satisfaction of making things yourself, then you are like me. I want to DIY my own battery. Luckily, Battery Hookup recently started selling their own branded cells. These things are LiFePO4 cells, nominal 3.2 volts. They are 32700 (32650) cell size. I think this is the same size cell used to construct the big brands.

I ordered a case of cells, and an empty case to put them into, LOL. Then I set about the trial and error process of how to assemble them. I tried a few different orientations in the case before settling on a nice 20p4s. Then I had more trial and error making the bus bars, and nickel connections. It seems simple now, looking back.

Finally we did a capacity test and found these cells performed 15% better than expected! WOW! Awesome stuff.

Anything from Battery Hookup can be purchased using my coupon code “DAVIDPOZ” for 10% off.

3.2v 5000mah cells:…

Cell Holders for 32mm :…

BMS (Battery Management System) Select “4s LifePo4” from the drop-down menu:…

Optional Bluetooth Dongle:…
18650’ed Heat Shrink and Cell Holders
I have no affiliate with Keith, from 18650’ed. He sells accessories for builds. I purchased my K-weld spot welder from him, along with the Kapton tape, and nickel strip.
Case, Empty. I purchased mine through Aliexpress. However, you may be able to find it locally. Keith, from 18650’ed, sometimes has some empty cases in stock. I suggest checking with him first.
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DC Watt*Hour Meter:

Hydraulic Crimper:

10 AWG Wire, Silicon:

8 AWG Ring Terminals:

Bolts, Flange Head:

Thread Checker Tool:

Circuit Breaker, DC:

Marking Pen, Silver:

Huge Soldering Iron:



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