A Scientists Answer to The Carbon Footprint

Carbon Footprint

George Baker, President of Solbere, joins us on the Shawn Ryan Show to discuss the developing product he has invented: you spray it on plants and in return the product works harder to conduct photosynthesis at a rapid pace. This solution has many benefits that could solve world food hunger, halt wildfires, reduce carbon emissions, which would greatly reduce the carbon footprint and global warming. George, an agriculturist, has studied plants for decades and understands that we, as a planet, could impact humanity with just spraying the national forests once a year with the Solbere solution. A dedicated scientist, he has uncovered a product that is safe for the environment, is extremely low-cost, and does not harm animals or insects of nature. It’s so safe that George took a sip of his own product on air. This solution keeps plants cooler, reduces the amount of water usage by 20%, captures more carbon and releases more oxygen; additionally, it reflects 5% of sunlight back into the air. Look at it this way: in times of hot, humid seasons, for every acre you will save 120+ thousand gallons of water per year. Who doesn’t want cleaner air in the atmosphere? This isn’t rocket science; Solbere’s data and research conclude that this product immediately starts working.

Credit Shawn Ryan Show