ALL NEW 2025 Volkswagen ID Buzz Electric Car SHOCKS The Minivan Industry!

NEW 2025 Volkswagen

Hey guys! Autonet Id channel was created to give a broad overview of upcoming new cars from the best car companies in the car industry. An Electric Vehicle (EV) is the future. In a few years, an electric car will replace a gas car. And we want you to be ready for this. We mainly cover new upcoming EVs, but as we are still on the way to becoming fully electrical, we will also cover fossil cars from many amazing brands


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Isuzu Truck Factory – Production Light and Medium Duty Trucks. In this video, we take a tour of the ISUZU Truck Factory in Japan. This is one of the most prestigious truck factories in the world, and we were lucky enough to take a tour and see how the trucks are made. If you’re interested in trucks or the Japanese automotive industry, this video is a must-watch! By the end of the video, you’ll understand everything there is to know about the ISUZU Truck Factory and what makes it such a prestigious company.

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