Build A Home Wind Turbine – DIY Turbine – Off Grid Living!

DIY Turbine

In this video I show how I built a home wind turbine for my property. This is an efficient DIY turbine that’s built for low wind environments and is perfect for off grid living. It has a 12 ft (3.7 m) diameter rotor driving two 12 coil/16 pole axial flux air core (ie coreless) permanent magnet generators with a power potential of up to 3 kWp in a ~30 mph wind stream. Start up speed is around 2-3 mph, cut-in is around 5-6 mph. In an area with a mean annual wind speed of 11 mph (5 mps) or higher, this turbine will produce 500 kWh+ of energy every month with a mean output of 800-1000 watts, nearly enough to take an avg home off the grid (see links below).

Credit TEch Life