Build A Solar Tracking System – DIY Solar Tracker – Off Grid Living!

In this video I build a solar tracking system for my off grid home. These trackers are relatively small compared to most, as I already have most of my solar PV on a ground rack and was limited in space on the patio. But I wanted to add a few more diy solar panels to the system and try out the diy solar tracking kits that I found on Ebay at the same time. They worked out great. The tracker structure is easy to build with treated lumber, though if you can afford it I recommend using a stainless steel pipe for the column, as this will last a lot longer embedded in the concrete. The tracking system itself (ir sensor and controller) was easy to install and set up. The actuators can be controlled manually or by the sensor, which is essentially just two tiny angled solar cells under a clear plastic dome that track the intensity of the sun.

Credit Off Grid Living!