China’s Massive EV Battery Industry: Can the U.S. Catch Up? | WSJ U.S. vs. China

The U.S. lags in Certain Areas

China’s dominance is clear when it comes to powering electric vehicles. The U.S. lags in most steps of the battery-making process, from sourcing raw materials to assembling components.

The U.S. government is spending billions of dollars to take on China’s dominance in EV batteries. WSJ explores whether the U.S. can overcome these disadvantages.

0:00 Of the ten biggest EV battery companies in the world, six are Chinese
0:52 U.S. vs China: final assembly of EV batteries
1:57 U.S. vs China: component production of anodes, cathodes, separators and electrolytes
3:46 U.S. vs China: raw materials processing and separating
4:30 U.S. vs China: raw materials extraction
5:34 Could recycling help the U.S. catch up to China’s battery production output?

U.S. vs. China
This original video series explores the rivalry between the two superpowers’ competing efforts to develop the technologies that are reshaping our world.

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