Clean Energy Source That Can Outperform the Sun and Wind

Clean Energy Source

With the onset of climate change in the 21st century, humanity has realized that the excessive consumption of fossil fuels leads to global and irreversible consequences. And we have desperately began to look for a clean alternative in the form of solar, wind, and ocean energy. But so far, these sources of green energy do not give the desired result. Wind and sun are fickle and difficult to predict. But there is another clean source of energy – an underestimated and stable one that can outperform the sun and wind. And in this video, we will tell about it. At the beginning of the twentieth century, Iceland was one of the poorest countries in Europe. Coal, peat, and later oil were used to generate electricity, heating, and hot water. Unknown to them, the country literally sat on free energy – geothermal sources. And only the fuel crises of the 1970s forced them to reconsider their energy