DIY Camper Van in 3 Weeks Under $1000

In this episode we finish this van build by building the rest of the furniture. We design a kitchen “dinette” cabinet system with a 6ft pine countertop. We also add some overhead storage as well as a shelving unit, and a pine butcher block style cabinet. The build came out pretty clean and I am satisfied with the result. This build came out to around $1,000 including the memory foam mattress which is very budget friendly. All you need is a jug of water and a camp stove and this rig is ready for an adventure. Completing this build in less than three weeks seemed to be something I couldn’t accomplish a year ago. It took me months to finish my Astro van and the product is not even as quality as this one. The moral of the story is your skill set is always evolving and growing. It’s fun to challenge yourself on tasks that seem abstract at first to surprise yourself with the outcome. Continue to DO HARD THINGS.

Credit Van Life