DIY Sand Battery! A “Sand Battery” Powered Fan and Air Heater! – DIY Air Heating! Hot sand pwrd fan!

DIY Solar

DIY Sand Battery! A “Hot Sand Powered” Fan/Heater! the fan has a TEG and produces its own electricity from the heat of the sand! all you do is place the fan on the “sand battery” and the heat runs the fan. the heat radiating from the sand is then blown into the living space. no electricity needed! sand-battery technology has been “in the news” lately. it will be interesting to see where it goes in the future. note that the last minute of the video shows lots of details including close ups of the fan motor and TEG chip, the manual is also shown in detail as well as the options for heating the sand (stove, oven, rocket stove, campfire, fresnel lens, (solar panel or wind turbine with a resistive heating element). if you like the video please rate, comment, subscribe and share it around 👍🙂

Credit desertsun02