Dom & Marie’s Stunning Modern Camper Van Conversion

Stunning Modern Camper Van Conversion

In this video we’re touring a stunning modern camper van conversion by Dom and Marie from Vanlife Sagas. Building a DIY camper van that looks this good is a ton of work and this one was designed and built with the help of their whole family.
It’s super well insulated, it has perfectly customized space-saving storage, 3 different options for electricity, and a hydraulic table leg that makes it easy to transform the living room into a bedroom in under 2 minutes.
We’re excited to give you a full tour with Dom and Marie, who plan to use it as a part time home and office on wheels.
Dominic is the owner of a marketing agency named Orkestra and focuses on marketing and content creation for clients across Canada and the world.
Marie is currently doing her Ph.D. at the University of Ottawa and is also a community manager for small, medium, and large organizations.
Together, they’re the couple behind the account Vanlife Sagas, on Instagram. They mainly travel the world partnering up with rental companies to share the fun of road tripping.
Credit to : Sunfellow Camper Vans