Homemade Water Distiller – DIY – Stove Top “Pure Water” Still – EASY instructions!

Homemade Water Distiller

This Stove Top “pure water” Still is great for purifying dirty or salt water. produces lots of pure drinking water fast. can be powered by stove, rocket stove campfire, parabolic dish etc. easy to make. cost $20.00. (i’ve seen these being sold for $180.00 – just make it yourself). great for everyday use or SHTF/emergency situation. notes: do not use a plastic collection vessel – it will melt/warp (not to mention BPA). Remember not to touch the copper pipe. it gets super hot. finally, the bigger the glass jar that you use – the larger amount of water vapor you can collect (at a given time). Also, don’t try to seal it. some water vapor needs to escape or high pressure would build up very fast.
Credit to : Desertsun02