How Millions Of Valencia Oranges Are Cultivated And Harvested – Modern Agricultural Technology

Sustainable Farming

The video showcases modern citrus farming in South Africa, focusing on the Valencian orange. The process starts with preparing and cultivating the land and procuring top-quality seeds. In the nursery phase, seedlings are grown in a greenhouse, transplanted into polybags, and undergo grafting to obtain high-quality citrus seeds. The orange stalks are grown upright with poles, and the plants are meticulously attended to with irrigation, fertilizer application, weeding, and pruning. To combat pests, pesticides are used. After 3 to 4 years, the plants start to bloom, and it takes around a year for the fruit to mature. At harvest time, the citrus fruits are manually harvested, washed, sorted, coated with a special liquid, packed, and distributed for export.

Credit Widya Discovery