Japan’s ALL-NEW Red Nuclear Hydrogen Breakthrough SHOCKED The Entire Industry!

Red Nuclear Hydrogen

Interest in cutting-edge technology that could help achieve ambitious decarbonization targets has been stoked by a new feeling of climate urgency in boardrooms and government. This includes hydrogen, particularly hydrogen produced using renewable energy to make truly carbon-free fuel. This so-called green hydrogen could decarbonize industrial processes and perhaps make marginal contributions to transportation and heating as well. It all seems so great, but we must stay realistic. Issues with production, scalability, storage, and transport all pose serious challenges for the green hydrogen economy.__ Hydrogen’s popularity is on the rise, but you can’t get it for free. To produce hydrogen, it must first be separated from water or methane molecules, which is commonly done by emissions-intensive natural gas steam reforming or coal gasification. Notably, 95% of the hydrogen generated and used globally is obtained from fossil fuels and is mostly associated with the chemical and refining sectors. Hydrogen was supposed to be the solution to a worldwide catastrophe, but because it needs fossil fuels _ it is far from it. But what if there was a way to break free from that reliance? What if we could make Hydrogen without relying on fossil fuels? And the answer might be right before our eyes

Credit Tech Life.