Solar Induction Cooker! | Solar Cooking using Induction Cooker- Part 2

DIY Solar

Solar induction cookers are the best way to do solar cooking. You can do solar cooking at any time of the day in the comfort of you kitchen with an induction cooker. Here I am using solar power to cook a meal using an induction cooker. Cooking uses a lot of energy. So when you are using an off grid solar power system to cook your meals you have to use a very efficient cooker so that you dont waste that precious solar energy. Solar induction stoves are highly efficient. They use magnetic waves to induce heat in the pan. That way the loss as heat to the environment is less than a normal hot plate. The pan you are using should also be induction cooker compatible. If a magnet will stick to the pot base then it is induction stove compatible.

Credit DIY Sustainable Living