This INSANE NEW Hydrogen Car Engine SHOCKS The Entire Industry!

NEW Hydrogen Car Engine

Hydrogen Car, Hydrogen Power, Hydrogen, Cheap Hydrogen, Hydrogen Power, green hydrogen, Hydrogen car, Hydrogen Plane, Hydrogen powered Car, Water powered car, Hydrogen Breakthrough, Green Hydrogen, Toyota, Toyota Engine Car You may find it hard to believe, but hydrogen gas can be used in your Ford’s engine in exchange for ordinary unleaded gasoline. Ready for the weirder part? The engine exhaust is water vapor. A torch fueled with ortho-hydroxy gas has a flame that burns hot enough to cut through a steel plate like a lightsaber, but when that same flame cools on contact, unburned hydrogen recombines with oxygen in the atmosphere and turns into water vapor. It’s crazy to see a flame lick the air and then, like magic, become water droplets. Fire isn’t supposed to turn into water.

Credit Tech Life