TOP 7 FUTURE ENERGY SOURCES: From Thorium to Nuclear Fusion – The Future of Energy Generation

Future of Energy

Energy Generation in the future world. These are the SEVEN most exciting Energy Sources of the Future. The newest developments in Renewable Cleaner Energy to Get Us Off Fossil Fuels. These energy sources are promising a greener and more sustainable approach to the way we generate energy. We consume a HUGE amount of energy resources every day and we are at a point of transformation from a world powered by FOSSIL fuels to one powered by cleaner and RENEWABLE energy sources. The future looks promising. In today’s video we’re showing you the alternative energy sources of the future, the ones you should expect to see growing in the next couple years. Tech Bang! is the place to find the newest technology trends and innovations. Discover the coolest gadgets and futuristic tech and be amazed. Subscribe now if you haven’t yet!

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