US StartUp’s Gold Hydrogen Breakthrough will Disrupt the Whole Hydrogen Industry!!

Clean Energy

Hydrogen has a very special place in the universe. It’s the first element in the periodic table and also the most plentiful. But most importantly, it is a key element in our path towards a clean and green future. And many companies in the EV industry also share this same vision. That’s why devices like hydrogen fuel cells are getting popular day by day and for good reason. Fuel cells produce no harmful emissions, and are generally between 40-60% energy efficient which is better than internal combustion engines. However, fuel cells require 99.99% pure hydrogen to run efficiently. And that’s where the problem begins. Pure hydrogen is not available directly in the atmosphere and it needs to be extracted from other compounds. So far, our hydrogen production techniques have been centered around the usage of fossil fuels. That’s because producing green hydrogen through electrolysis is very very expensive.

Credit Tesla Domain