You will not believe how this Breakthrough Battery uses Carbon to Generate Energy!!

Battery uses Carbon to Generate Energy!!

Cons of The CO2 Battery We’ve been hearing, for years now, about how harmful carbon dioxide is for the environment and how it contributes to climate change. Although this is true, what if this particular molecule also had certain very significant characteristics that make it an excellent medium for energy storage? Yes, you heard that right. An Italian startup called Energy Dome is out to shock the world with its 2.5-megawatt, 4-MWh pilot renewable energy storage system based on a fascinating carbon dioxide battery technology. These CO2 batteries can store renewable energy for long periods of time and release it quickly, at a fraction of the cost of large lithium batteries. Join us in this video as we discuss this battery tech and how it uses carbon to produce energy. Despite not being a particularly strong greenhouse gas, carbon dioxide (CO2) is frequently seen as the primary cause of global warming. However, we require greenhouse gasses in our atmosphere because they help keep the Earth’s surface warmer than the icy nothingness of outer space. The problem is the scale at which we’re putting CO2 into the atmosphere by burning massive amounts of fossil fuels; this is upsetting the delicate balance between too-hot and too-cold temperatures. This is the major driving force behind the study and development of clean, carbon-free renewable energy sources such as wind and solar power.

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